Storage Units in Fishkill, NY

Are you looking for storage units in Fishkill, NY? If so, you have come to the right place!

Since 1998, Affordable Storage Solutions has served as the local go to business for those in need of storage units. A family owned and operated business, we’re renowned for our superior customer service and for having an array of storage unit options, from closet sized to choices big enough to store RVs.

Storage Units Fishkill NY

RV/Boat Storage

Keep your boat and/or RV safe and secure in the off-season by storing it on our property.  As exciting as it is to use a boat or RV, trying to find room for it on your property, especially during the winter months is difficult. With our RV and boat storage services however, you’ll open up more space on your property by safely storing your boat and/or RV with us.

Car/Truck Storage

Are you sick of a car you’re not using taking up space in your driveway or garage? Eliminate the headache by renting a storage unit for it. That way you know your vehicle will be stored in a safe and clean environment, and you won’t have to worry about meandering around it on your property. 

Car Storage Units Fishkill, NY

Records Storage

Safekeep important records without overwhelming the space you have inside your home or business. With a records storage unit, you can rest easy at night knowing all your important paperwork is locked away in a clean and secure place, and not causing clutter in your home or office.

Ultimately, we have the space and units to store just about any sized item our customers need. To learn more about our storage units, contact us.